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Frequently Asked Questions

In how many days will I receive my second opinion ?

To answer this question, you First need to understand Health is our Priority and Therefore we take as minimum time as possible, to process your Request.
Pricaro Is different from other platform and we do not only generate a second opinion report but we also connect Surgeon to you over call or Video call. So that they can help you better. 
So the Time For Second Opinion Could Be one Day or 7 days. Any order exceeding the timeframe of 7 days will be cancelled and a 100% amount will be refunded back to patients.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a Medicine Second Opinion at Pricaro?

As of now, none of the Insurance company cover the cost of Online Medical Second Opinion. Howsoever Pricaro wont let cost a problem to getting a second opinion. If you are unable to pay then apply for financial aid, We discount 50% instant without any verification. In some cases we offer 100% financial aid which is applicable after verification process. 

Should I share the second opinion report with my 1st doctor ?

Generally its a good idea and usually your primary doctor will appreciate that you are playing an  active part in your treatment.