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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i book Surgery on my choice of date?

This Platform is not for primary care, So if its an emergency please contact your local Hospital. Once you decided to go for surgery with one of our surgeon . we will provide you the availability and connect you with the surgeon to discuss your date for surgery.

Is my Insurance applicable on my Surgery?

Pricaro is a platform that helps you find one of the finest surgeon for your surgical Condition. We do partner with any hospital so you need to check with your surgeon and the hospital where they will perform surgery. Soon we will list which surgeon will perform surgery at which hospital and their insurance policy.

What is one Dollar Clinic? 

One Dollar clinic is a Self Funded Charitable event which takes place online and offline (Suspended due to COVID). Its Free of cost and for long term chronic disease consultation such as TB

My Surgeon is not agree with the Second opinion treatment plan provided by Pricaro Health.

In this case the decision is yours which treatment plan to follow, if your surgeon agree to talk with our surgeon we can arrange it for you according to availability or we can arrange a third surgeon opinion for an unbiased opinion.

Does Pricaro help in arrangements of surgery?

If arrangements refers to accommodation, insurance claim etc then NO. For International Patient's, yes we do provide accommodation support. 

How can i apply for financial aid. Is it applicable to Indian Patients or Worldwide?

Community care Worldwide Healing is the motto. Pricaro provide financial aid to all and everyone in the world. During Submit you medical record at final stage you will be asked to apply for financial aid, where you will get 30 to 50% off without verification. If you apply for extended financial aid then you will receive a call from one of our team member which ask you to submit some document (depend on your country). The verification will take upto 3 days and your will receive a cashback of 20% to 30% more (Max total 80% Financial Aid)

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